Quit with Heart Strong Wellness, LLC

It's Time 

Whether you smoke, dip, or vape, using a Comprehensive Quit Plan designed especially for you or your loved one can help end the Nicotine addiction, once and for all!   Clients are  guided, step by step,  to ensure a successful quit attempt through constant support, 1 on 1  or group counseling, and a private Facebook Support Group!  

Let's Kick it  Like This: 

1. Assess Readiness & Dependence

2. Nicotine Replacement Consultation and Recommendations to include prescription, over the counter, or natural treatment options.
3.  Set Quit Date, fortify support, designate Quit Kit, and prepare environment.

4.  Work the Quit Plan which includes      Physical Activity, Nutritional Support, Hand to Mouth Alternative Activity, Fine Motor Activity, and a Support Group. 
5. Relapse Prevention Planning
6. 1 on 1 Counselling with your Health Coach, and all the support you need!  

Heart Strong Wellness is Approved through the PA Department of Public Welfare as a registered cessation program!  


Single Session Program

1--90 Minute Session by Zoom

6 Month Kick Nic Program 

2– 30 minute sessions per/wk in Month 1

1– 30 minute session per/wk in Month 2

2--30 minute sessions in Month 3

1–30 minute session in Months 4, 5, & 6

3--30 minute maintenance sessions as needed

Session content can range from Nicotine Cessation, to Health Coaching, to Personal Training, as needed, so you'll get your full moneys worth where it is needed most.

Is It time to Kick Nic?