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Group, On Line, or In Person

Health Coaching 

Guiding you though lifestyle changes related to weight loss, disease prevention or management, improving sport performance, and wellness through goal-setting, relapse prevention, motivation, programming, support, and referral when necessary, becoming a well anchored member of your allied health team, bringing a unique understanding of the intertwined emotional, behavioral, physical, nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle factors needed in order to reach your goal.

Personal Trainer

Personal or Small Group

Personal Training

Personal and Small Group Training available on your time and preferred location depending on your needs.  I do not have a permanent training facility.  I can meet you at your place of choice including public parks, pools, trails, courts, tracks, stadiums or recreational facilities based on your interests, and individual goals. 

Swimming Pool

Beginner & Competitive Skills

Swim Training

Whether you are a beginning swimmer (preschool through 99+), a club swimmer preparing for champs, or you are training for your first triathlon, I will break down the skills in achievable and enjoyable steps so that you can swim efficiently and with ease in the water!  Dry land training may be required for competitive swimmers to increase power, endurance, and flexibility of the swimming anatomy. 


Kick Nic

Heart Strong Wellness, LLC is an approved Nicotine/Smoking Cessation Provider in the State of PA.  Kick Nic is a proprietary comprehensive cessation program giving you a fighting chance of quitting your nicotine addiction, once and for all!

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Heart Strong Pop-Up Events

Stay connected and join our Tribe at Monthly Pop Up Fitness Events!  Get ready to hit the trails, ropes course, water aerobics, or the pool! Got an idea? Pitch it!  These events are designed to build support, give you an active rest day, and for you to let go and have Fun!

Therapy Session


Take a deep dive into topics such as Weight Loss Math, Conquering Grocery Store Trips, Food Label Decoding, Meal Planning & Prep, Cooking 101, Exercise for the Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes, and Changing Habits--Not Diets.  Workshops are free for current 3+ Month Package Clients, and available to All Else for a small Drop-In fee.  Got an idea? Pitch it!  These events are designed to keep you connected, and to give you the tools you need to stay on track!