About MA

Mary Ann "MA" Miller founded Heart Strong Wellness LLC, a Licensed Training Provider for the American Red Cross, in 2019.  This Passion Project Wellness Biz is her side hack to assist her fellow coaches, trainers, educators, and medical professionals to keep their certifications current.   


MA is a graduate of Geneva College where she majored in Sport Management and Business Administration.  She's an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, USA Swim Coach, and American Red Cross Safety Instructor.  She currently serves as the Aquatic Director at the Rose E. Schneider YMCA in Cranberry Township. 

Contact MA through this site, or at the YMCA with your training needs.  She will let you know of available training courses at the Y, or refer you to a qualified ARC provider in your area. 

Our Mission

Heart Strong Wellness LLC exists to increase confidence in life saving, one person at a time, and keeping hearts alive & healthy! 

Our Concept

Heart Strong Wellness LLC was inspired by the Heart Muscle--the anatomy, the functionality, how the blood moves through the heart, and the colors of healthy cardiac tissues.  We have a heart for Service, and a deep love of what we do!  We are committed to keeping hearts alive and healthy!  

Heart strong -- live long! 

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