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Backyard Lifeguards Booking Policy: 

Dates and Time will be booked as available and will require a 72 hour advance notice, a pre-event consultation, safety evaluation, and a down payment to hold the date/time.  

We will work with you to design safe swim rules and emergency action procedures based on your property and pool design.   

We will be required to: 

  • conduct a pre-event consultation and safety evaluation

  • complete a pre-event safety check 

  • provide a certified lifeguard in uniform

  • provide safety equipment:  Rescue Tub, Spine Board, and First Aid Kit

  • provide  a certificate of liability insurance for the property owner

  • provide copies of certifications if requested


You will be required to:

  • agree on a set of standard safety rules that the lifeguard must enforce, and others that we create together

  • Maintain safe property to include: walk-ways, pool deck, swimming pool, mechanical equipment, and water quality (properly sanitized and clear water at the time of the event)

  • Waiver of Liability

  • Post Service Survey and Recommendation